Piano Playing in “The Music Man”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    My 3rd show was “The Music Man”!  My part was Amaryllis, a bossy Iowan and piano student.  Her piano teacher is Marian Paroo a librarian who meets Harold Hill a traveling salesman, who forms a band but he “doesn’t know one note from another” and has created a “think system”.  If the kids think a tune they don’t have to bother with the notes.  Hill falls in love with Marian and says she’s “the sadder but wiser girl for me”!  In the end Marian falls for Hill.  The website www.cvnc.org has a review of the show on April 13, 2012.  Thank you, Peggy, Allyn, Maestro, and Nancy!  The cast included Ken Griggs (Harold Hill), Katherine Anderson (Marian Paroo), David Paul Adams (Ewart Dunlop/Barbershop Quartet), Marti Boger (Maud Dunlop/Ensemble), Jessica Brust (Alma Hix/Ensemble), Neil Bullard (Winthrop), Larry Conklin (Mayor Shinn), Alex Copas (Ensemble), Kathy Gelb (Mrs. Paroo), (Mimi) Michelle Harkness (Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn), Katherine Hennenlotter (Ethel Toffenlmier/Ensemble), Patrick Holt (Ensemble), Michael Jones (Marcellus Washburn), Israel Keefer (Oliver Hix/Barbership Quartet), Jodi Lewis (Ensemble), Elizabeth Lobach (Ensemble), Michael Murray (Charlie Cowell), Allison Podlogar (Amaryllis), Ariel Reed (Ensemble), Chris Slacke (Olin Britt/Barbershop Quartet) and Jim Tarantino (Jacey Squire/Barbershop Quartet).


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A Christmas Carol

(Me as Tiny Tim) "Tiny Tim and Bob Cratchit"              My 2nd show was “A Christmas Carol“!  Guess who I was!  I was…………………….”Tiny Tim“!  IT WAS A BLAST!  “God bless us, everyone!”! Send me any questions!

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“Small Alice” In Wonderland

I had a great time in Temple Theatre’s production of “Alice In Wonderland”. I played the part of “Small Alice”. I had a great time. We learned dances and songs. I had three nicknames,Little Alice,LA,and Gangsta. The people who work there are so nice! Thank you,Tom, Ms.Peggy, Elsbeth, Alex, Haley, Tivis, Ms.Donna, Autumn, Ms.Jane, Jon, and Jordan and so many more! The next production of “Alice In Wonderland” will be different. I bet they are having success. The dates are August 5, 6, and  7. I LOVE the TEMPLE THEATRE!

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Dad is Back

As you might know my dad has been out of town. I’m glad he is back. He came back on: 3/6/11!

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Today I went shopping. I got two outfits. I had fun.


Thanks for your time.

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Hi again!

Sorry, I haven’t had time to write anything. Anyway I’m singing the “Star Spangled Banner”.( Don’t worry I’ll post it.)

              Thanks for visiting “Tales of a Little Kid”.


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Singing “Red High Heels” at the fair

I sang “Red High Heels” for this year’s talent show at the fair. I was the last performer and I had fun.

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The tooth I got to keep.

Okay, first of all I would like to thank my friends in Colorado.

Guess what? I lost another tooth! I lost the one to the right of my two front teeth on the bottom. One day I went to Grandpa’s pool. I went under water and came up and my tooth was gone! We had to find it. Grandpa and Daddy got some goggles to look for it. Suddenly I felt with my heel something shaped like a rock. Then I looked. It was white. Then I told Grandpa and Daddy, “That’s my tooth!”

That night, I left my tooth under my pillow. I also left the Tooth Fairy a note asking her if I could keep my tooth since I found it in the pool. That next morning she left me a note saying:

Dearest Allison,

I don’t normally do this, but I got your note and flew back to ask our Queen Fairy about your tooth. She said she saw what happened in your Grandpa’s pool and was amazed at how well-behaved you were when you thought you had lost your tooth. She told me that just this one time, I could leave your tooth with you and your money.

You were very sweet and polite to write your note to ask about your tooth. I’m glad you did it. We’re going to use the note for the roof of a new fairy library.

I hope looking at your tooth gives you great memories of the day you found your tooth at the bottom of the pool. All of us fairies are so proud of you!


Your Tooth Fairy.

P.S. Tell that silly puppy he can’t catch a fairy. We’re too fast, and we have sleepy dust. He’s a cutie, though.

That was the fairy’s note. I thought it was funny that they used my note for the top of a library. Barkley had slept with me that whole night.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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I am going to Grandpa’s. We will go to the pool. I am so excited! Thank you for visiting my blog.

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Allison sings again

I enjoyed singing at the softball game. Thank you Mrs. Spivey for asking me to. It was fun!

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